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55 Stunning Dining Rooms to Copy For Every Style

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10 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Dining Room
Even the tightest corner can feel like a banquet hall. (Well, almost…
This Dining Table Turns Into a Ping-Pong Table

This is some serious sorcery.

Designing a Dining Room for Everyday

Decorate smarter, not harder.

two dining sets for small spaces
Dining Sets for Even the Smallest Apartments

Plus, they're all under $500!

Entertain and host guests with party-ready tables and chairs. Or, cozy up breakfast rooms and family eating spaces.

dining room wallpaper
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The One Quick Change That Will Totally Transform Your Dining Room

Cancel your renovation plans.

Justina Blakeney Jungalow Style
The Best Table For A Breakfast Nook, Period

There's really only one style worth buying.

Floral Chandeliers Are Taking Over Dining Rooms

Take your space to the next level by hanging your centerpiece.

People Can't Decide Whether Rugs Belong in the Dining Room or Not

You may be surprised to hear what some homeowners have to say.

The Weird Reason Your Dining Room Could Use a Mirror

It makes you see yourself (and your dinner) a little differently.

This Brilliant Wooden Table Expands With Just a Twist

Never go searching for that extra leaf again.

This Homeowner's Dining Room Finally Matches Her Age

After ditching all that heavy brown, the space feels much more youthful.

8 Smart Solutions If You Don't Have a Dining Room

Say goodbye to TV trays, or worse, eating on your bed.

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15 Ways to Make a Statement in Your Dining Room

How do you make your dining room a place for everyday meals — and not just for formal occasions? Add an eye-catching decor detail.

How To Turn An Unused Dining Room Into A Family Fun Zone
Formally entertaining on a ping pong table.
outdoor dining table
A Garden Dining Area
Rustic, yet refined.
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century furniture pedestal tables
A Vivid Dining Room
Bold color and textures.
rattan pendant lamps
A Beachy Dining Room
Black details add a graphic punch.
How To Turn A Blank Canvas Into The Dining Room Of Your Dreams
Durability tempered with luxury.