How To Renovate

From a DIY project to a major renovation makeover, remodeling anything in your house is easy with professional tips and tricks.

image The 8 Interview Questions To Ask A Potential Contractor

You may not be the expert, but you are the boss!

image A Newbie’s Guide To Remodeling Permits

If you're planning a big project, get your paperwork in order.

image No, You Don't Have To Hate Your Contractor

Start the relationship off on the right foot and there won't be any terse text messages in your future.

image Check The Definitions Of 15 Common Renovation Terms

It's easier to work with contractors when you have a clue what they're talking about.

image Should You DIY Or Call A Pro?

Not everything can be learned on YouTube, after all.

image How Long It Takes To Renovate Every Room In Your House

The process takes a lot longer than you may think.

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what is a wet room What Is a Wet Room Anyway?

Get to know the new renovation trend.

image 14 Pro Tips for a Stress-free Renovation

From the folks who have done this before: the power of popping on a new faucet, bracing for the unexpected, and everything in between.

HBX020115_004 Decorating Secrets Only the Pros Know—Until Now

Throw everything you think you know out the window.

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image The 35 Coolest IKEA Hacks We've Ever Seen

How many do you own? We found the most creative ideas for the retailer's most iconic items.

Young asian happy woman painting interior wal Here's Exactly How to Keep Home Improvements Affordable

From redecoration to renovations.

image Walmart Just Launched Hart, an Insanely Comprehensive Line of Tools

Everything from hedge trimmers to power drills to sanders.

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ceiling types These Are the Best Ceiling Types for Every Home

Don't neglect your fifth wall.

Minimalist blue kitchen 7 Easy, Designer-Approved Ways to Upgrade Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Hint: Hardware really does make a huge difference.

image The Best Window Treatment for Every Room

Romans? Rollers? Sheers? We break down all the terms.

image How to Choose the Right Grout Color for Your Tile

The right shade—and thickness—can make a DIY project look professional.

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